A Message To Santa

These times are very busy for Father Christmas. He must need to juggle many priorities, has a massive goal and all the while he needs to keep his staff engaged and motivated. Failure cannot be contemplated..

Some Thoughts for 2017

Well here we are – 2017 is upon us already. Some thoughts about the year ahead:
Learn to forget 2016 only when you have absolute clarity on what you learnt from last…

Being More Strategic

We hear it all the time. I even mentioned it in my last post (the feedback from which made me decide to do this post!) How do we ensure we are more strategic? And what do we really mean..

Teams Shouldn’t Agree

For too long our perception of agreement has been wrong (or as an old acquaintance said to me the other day, “it’s up the wazoo!” – what a wonderful old saying that is – very expressive.) …

Motivation at Work – an Update

Firstly, if you want to know what a fine day in Fiordland looks like, download today’s image. This is a view west from above the Hollyford Valley on the Routeburn Track. We can see the Hollyford..

Are You Really Busy? Read This!

As some of you will know, I have a mild aversion to being told, when asked how things are going, “I’m really BUSY!” Inevitably my reaction will be “busy doing what?” Often the answer is “just doing stuff I have to do….

Easter Insights

To get you into the right mood for Easter, some interesting insights to help you look on the bright side:
Most of us will know that Easter celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection. …

Successful Leadership. What Really Works

Somewhat of a delay since my last email – apologies, but prioritisation is a key factor in ensuring the difference between important and urgent. This is now important as well as urgent, so I’m back! In truth…

7 Reasons Sales People Don’t Close The Deal

It’s a well trod course – why do some salespeople fail? When we think we have done as much as we can to help, support, cajole, threaten, use any other “tool” (good and bad) why is it that some salespeople still fail? A wonderfu….