Is Competent Management a Strategy?

Another title for this article my well be "Why do we undervalue competent management?" In fact that was the title of the recent Harvard article (Raffaella Sadun, Associate Professor at Harvard; Nicholas Bllom, Professor at Stanfard; and John Van Reenan, Professor at MIT) that forms the basis of this article. And this is an area that I have always argued - the overall standard of management in business today is so low that competent management can be deemed to be rare, and as a result can be a Strategy! The research by Sadun et al confirms this (at last!) Firstly, the research. The project is called "The World Management Survey" and has examined the adoption and use of management practice

Can We Focus Too Much?

Focus is a wonderful thing. It can ensure we work effectively and quickly. It is often described as "being in the zone" when the difficult becomes easy and the big jobs become rudimentary. But research has shown us that too much focus can be a problem. It drains your brain of energy, makes you care less about people and prevents you seeing what is happening around you. The adverse effects are not always easy to identify, so below are three of them: Not having as much energy as usual. If you get tired too often, or more often than normal, this may be a sign that the brain is tired. It could be a sign of too much internal focus (for example focusing on your arm movement in your golf sw

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