Everything You Need to Know About Procrastination - Read It Now, Or Maybe You Can Leave It Till Late

Piers Steel, author of The Procrastination Equation, claims that 95% of us procrastinate. I would extend that by suggesting that the remaining 5% are lying! Procrastination is part of the human condition - we all do it to some extent. Some of us are past masters at it, others are quickly learning its black arts. Recent Neuroscience research has been able to identify the reasons for it, and ways to minimise it. This Blog will delve into this fascinating area - I am relying partly on an HBR article by Chris Bailey, author of The Productivity Project: Accomplishing more by managing your time, attention and energy. So why do we do it? Timothy Pychyl, author of Solving the Procrastination P

Why is Management Competency Such an Issue, And Where Do We Need To Get Better?

In my last Blog I put forward those findings from the "The World Management Survey" where competent management is in fact rare, and as such could be deemed to be a Strategy for a company to follow. In this Blog I discuss some of the reasons for this concerning situation in a NZ context, and how we can overcome at least some of these failings. Firstly, the answer to the "why" question. How could this be when millions are spent on management education in this country by well-meaning companies and individuals who understand the importance of professional development and "mastery" in motivation and engagement at work. Two answers to this question (this is an opinion piece today - no research

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