More on Focus - Why it's Hard and What to Do About it

This read is three minutes. Yes. Here we go again. That word. FOCUS!! First some research: Under lab conditions, college students in the U.S. were only able to stay focused and do "important" work for 3-5 minutes - before they interrupted what they were doing and switched tasks (to, in the main, Facebook!) Research shows that we check our phones up to 150 times a day - about every six or seven minutes So lets look at the human brain (some more): Our brains are designed to always seek out new information The "information seeking" part is a lot stronger than that part that ensures you follow through and complete tasks (the cognitive control part) From an evolutionary point of view, it wa

Changing Habits and Behaviour - How Do We Do It?

This is a 2 minute read. This is a short but crucial insight for all of you who are having difficulty focusing. Yes, we have talked a lot about this over the years, but this is priceless - from an article by Carl Richards in The New York Times. Have you heard of the "Ironic Process Theory?" No, I hadn't either! This is the name for the process we all go through when we try to not think of something. Try it - clear you mind totally. That's difficult, but try. Now try not to think of a Black Sheep. Really try not to think of that Black Sheep. The effect? Yes, we can't help but think of a Black Sheep! That's what is Ironic I guess. Research shows that thought suppression has cou

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