How Do We Get Started?

Its All About You

I don't know if I can help you unless I know what you are looking for.  That may seem obvious, but I don't follow a prescriptive, fits all-type process.  I want to know where you are now - your current reality; I want to know what your long term Goals are; I want to meet you and talk to you; I want to ensure there is "fit" between us, and you need to satisfy yourselves that there is a "fit" with me.  If I don't see that I can help you I will say so.  Likewise, if you don't see that we can work together I expect you to say so too.  I work with some wonderful, progressive, exciting businesses.  But I also work with some businesses that are struggling for clarity and direction.  

To start with take a look at my Blog page - I can guarantee that there will be something of value for you.  Again, it's all about you!

How Does It Start?

Send me an email, give me a call.  Or just subscribe to my Blog and receive a free eBook.  If I don't answer your call or your email straight away that means I am probably with one of my wonderful  clients!  Lets have a chat - your place or mine, I'm fine with either.  The purpose of this first meeting is to see if we want to have a more "productive" meeting where I ask you some questions about yourselves and your business, and you can ask some questions of me.  I will also suggest how we could work together, and such unmentionables like cost.  During and after that meeting I will not subject you to the latest "sales fads," I will not be pushy, there will be no pressure, just enough time for both of us to make a decision.   I will insist that you do not make a decision quickly.

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